Design. Innovation
Precision Manufacturing Capability

Advocating Yi Technology Ltd. specialize in the production of high-precision parts and meet your requirements quickly by using high-precision machines from Japan and Germany. The benefit is to provide you with immediate support and turn it into a  strong sales force for your cooperation. 。

We can help you produce, process and assemble Bring you a new vision and efficient production output. We could make your business grow quickly. Contact us now!!

We hire experienced engineers and use high-precision machining centers and high-precision inspection equipments to achieve rapid production and fast delivery commitments.

We process all types of parts. Welcome all factories to contact us


Toyota Management

Standardization, leveling, kanban management, stability, and high-speed production capacity are our core competency that we live by.

Quick response to order and fast production

Only with quick response to order and fast production could the company operate permanently in the machinery industry.

Integration of design and manufacturing

Production rate could be significantly speeded up with creative, rapid design, special gauges and individual production jigs or fixtures.


In order to achieve the commitment of fast delivery, we design measurement tools quickly for the purpose of production stability。


We Utilize the latest equipment technology to keep us at the forefront of production. 


 The best equipment results in the best product. We use high-precision equipments from Japan and Germany for manufacturing high-end components in aerospace, biotech, high-speed rail and luxury car applications

The reality of the era

By the progress of technology, it becomes a cruel reality that only with the fast-paced service could the company receive the order. In this era of mechanical processing, pursuing high-speed and high-precision production, our company occupy an important position by holding the spirit of fast solution service, using advanced technology, hiring professional engineers and utilizing high-precision equipments.